Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits a New High

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Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits a New High

The Bitcoin mining difficulty has reached an all-time high of 37.59 T, adding 10.26%, as a result of the latest recalculation.

This is the first time the indicator has recorded a double-digit increase since October last year.

Over a period of approximately two weeks between recalculations, the average hashrate of the crypto has stood at 269 EH/s. As a result, the interval between blocks has been reduced to 9 minutes.

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The network hashrate has recovered during this month after the December collapse associated with the powerful storm that hit the United States and resulted in many local miners temporarily suspending the operation of data centers to balance power grids or for the safety of their staff.

As early as January 12, the 14-day smoothed moving average reached a new all-time high of 270.25 EH/s.


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